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A substantial increase has been observed in the number of patients preferring Turkey for various aesthetic surgical operations from all across the world. The ones who would like to have the hair transplant process constitute the vast majority of the patients. The success and quality achieved by hair transplant make Turkey and particularly İstanbul one of the leading centers of the world within this area.

Enjoying the leading position in world ranking as the most preferable country for hair transplant operations, Turkey provides services to worldwide patients with its hospitals in international standards, strategic location, high quality-price performance, affordable prices, experienced specialists and expert teams and experienced patient consultants.

Serving as a bridge between the Asian and European continents, Turkey, thanks to its strategic geographical location, has become an attraction spot for patients from European countries, Gulf countries and North Africa. However, Turkey owes its leading position in hair transplant not only to its geographical location.

Health tourism in Turkey enjoys an increase of substantial rates each year. The number of patients visiting Turkey each year for medical treatments exceeds 1 million and the approximate budget has already reached to 10 billion USD annually.

Turkey has become the most preferred and sought countries for hair transplant with its treatment preferences with high standards, thanks to cutting-edge technology and competitive prices.

When compared with the mean price of the Great Britain with 9,500 GP, Turkey enjoys its leading position as being the most preferred country with prices varying between 1700-2000 GBP depending on the number of graft required.

There are many effective reasons underlying Turkey’s leading position of most preferred country for hair transplant.

Motives to Prefer Turkey for Hair Transplant:

High quality-affordable prices

Affordable and competitive prices of treatment in Turkey do not indicate that the treatment services are of poor quality. Turkey has performed a top-level modernization of its medical infrastructure.

International service experience

Going, overseas for receiving treatment is a difficult and challenging process for patients. However, thanks to the patient consultants in healthcare institutions providing treatment to patients arriving to Turkey from overseas, the process is now facilitated and eased. The patient consultants, during the treatment process, are always accompanying patients and realizes the transfers of the patients from airport to hospital and hotel. Thanks to the patient consultants ensuring the accommodation of the patients in the nearest hotel to the hospital and providing translation services at the same time, patients are able to ask everything preoccupying their minds to the patient consultants in their own language. Patients can always receive support from patient consultants at any time.

No queues

Another reason Turkey is an attraction center for hair transplant is the service time. While patients in the Great Britain and USA are required to wait for couple of months for hair transplant operation, appointments can be made instantly in Turkey. When you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you are free to schedule the operation in accordance with your own schedule and business without even being included in waiting lists.

Short recovery periods

Thanks to minimal invasive procedures, patients undergone hair transplant process are able to get back to their routine operations and current affairs approx. 2-5 days after the transplantation depending on the type of the treatment received. However, this may vary from time to time depending on the conditions of the patients.

The Most Healthiest Vacation

Receiving treatment overseas may transform into an enjoyable vacation as well as receiving services from a reputable hospital. Turkey is the best choice to transform the treatment into a magnificent vacation through natural beauties, cultural and geographical wealth, historical texture, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. People in Turkey receiving huge demand for hair transplant are quite familiar with the tourists walking on the streets with bandages on their heads.

You may enjoy the Bosporus with stunning and breath-taking beauty, strolling around on renown Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul or seize the happiness of shopping in Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar) with your bandages upon the hair transplant surgery.